Sunday, 21 March 2010

Unite Against Fascism up to their usual antics

So Weyman Bennett, UAF joint secretary, was today arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. The UAF were holding a counter protest in response to an English Defence League event in Bolton and, as appears to have become the norm these days, the UAF resorted to violence in an attempt to silence the EDL's legal protest. I'm not defending the EDL, I would estimate that the combined IQ scores of the 4000 people who attended from both sides would total up to about eight. One group is a bunch of shaven headed football hooligans without a pinch of political nuance between them, the other is a bunch of communist students with nothing better to do on a Saturday than get on a coach and toss a few bricks around. They're all disgusting. The vital difference is of course that UAF are supported by the political establishment. It's no surprise that Ken Livingston is its Chairman; that man's idiocy knows no bounds, but to have 'Call me Dave' Cameron as a key signatory is a stain on his already dubious reputation. When is the political mainstream going to reject this clearly violent group? It's hypocrisy to criticise the EDL if you don't tar UAF with the same brush.

Coincidently, it would appear that as well as being stupid, UAF supporters are also really fucking ugly.

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