Friday, 19 March 2010

Fashion as the death of utilitarianism

It's not exactly original to claim that fashion is at odds with the concept of usefulness, but the point has surely reached its zenith in the invention and subsequent proliferation of 'jeggings'. For those of you who don't have a GCSE in going incognito in Shoreditch, 'jeggings' are leggings which look like jeans, or maybe jeans made of legging. I don't know. I don't actually know if 'legging' is, in itself, a substance. But either way, they are undoubtedly stupid. If you want to wear jeans, with the multitude of advantages that confers (pockets, protection from grazing etc.), then wear jeans. If you'd rather wear leggings, with all the advantages that confers (shows off your pins etc.), then wear leggings. But why conflate the two? Why make leggings and then decorate them with fake pockets, zips, and seams. Surely the whole purpose of leggings is that they don't have pockets, zips, and seams. All those things are undeniably associated with jeans. Indeed, they are needed on jeans. If you put them on leggings, and then put the leggings on yourself, you unavoidably become a victim. Because, after all, that is the only defence. You must stand up and say "this morning I put leggings on that had pockets drawn on them, because I am a victim to fashion".

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  1. leggings are, actually a thing in themselves. before used mainly by dancers. what i believe the legging/jeans were made for? well, the skinny jeans, as tight and "please look at me" as they are...could only allow so much to looks at. the leggings (and im sorry, but leggings are NOT pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(! x infinity) allow everything to be seen! and jeans looking, just makes them like, oh my god that much cooler!

    -american friend.